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Ez on 14th Jun 2013

Super like it ^.^ nobody can tell that it's fake bang


F. Z on 23rd May 2013

When I wore it the first time, I feel like it is kinda fake because the texture of the fringe is (sadly) so much smoother than my real hair, and shinier too. I was quite conscious about whether it is noticeable and if it is slipping down the entire evening. BUT, my friends said my hair/ fringe still looks the same and nice, I guess they didn't realised it is fake. It held up really well too. Need a little styling to avoid the 'old fashioned chinese' look as mentioned in some of the earlier comments. After a couple of times wearing it, it starts to look and feel more natural to me. So, recommended.


8th Dec 2012


okok product. easy to use but look..

eileen seah on 5th Nov 2012

easy to use hairclip ! if u want bangs this will do the trick! but if u want a nice bangs i don't reccommend this cuz the style is weird, when i wear i look like chinese .. but i am a singaporean. and the style like very old fashioned style.


8th Oct 2012

more photos and a video of this fringe please

layered fringe abit side swept

Betty on 8th Oct 2012



Nicole on 7th Jun 2012

This bang I like most because it has a little short and side fringe. it blend well with my hair. hope to get one with the back cover also. will buy other design to try.

I'm lovin it !~

10th May 2012

I LOVE THIS ITEM. My hair is super curly therefore if i thought that if i use the wig, it would look super fake. But.... I'm LOVIN it !