GIRLHAIRDO answer your questions.

Q: do I need a wig cap/wig net? 

Wig caps are not expensive items (($2 for 1), so my usual advise it to buy a pack and see if they work for you. 

our girlhairdo wig cap is made with extra elasticity so it can stretch and hold your hair better. The wig cap will hide your existing hair and will prevent it protruding from under the wig. The wig caps will also ‘flatten’ your hair so that it will be compact and secure under your wig. 

for customers with hair we recommend this for you: http://www.girlhairdo.com/WIGCAPl

for customers with no hair/complete hairloss: http://www.girlhairdo.com/wig-cap-stocking-material-skin-colour-2-pc/


Also, you should get a basic wig maintainence set here:

wig brush: http://www.girlhairdo.com/products/Anti-Static-Wig-Brush/

wig treatment essence: http://www.girlhairdo.com/wig-detangler-wig-spray-wig-treatment-leave-on-120ml/




How to wash your wigs? 

Let Girlhairdo teach you :)